The village of Fungor, Southeastern Nuba Mountains, Sudan, 1974. © Oswald Iten

A Nuba man from Funger with typical Kadundor hair style drinking sorghum beer, Marissa. © Oswald Iten

A Nuba man of the Kadundor age group from Nyaro, 1974. © Oswald Iten

Scarring of a woman after weaning of her first child, Nyaro 1974.© Oswald Iten

Nyertun dance of the Nuba at Nyaro, 1974. © Oswald Iten

Nyertun dance under a fig tree by the Nuba of Fungor. © Oswald Iten

Girls' wrestling  at Fungor, Sudan 1977. © Oswald Iten

Senior elders and friends in Fungor. Foing (left) is the son of head priest Ali, Kannya suffers from Leprosy and shows a photo of him as a young Kadundor in 1972. © Oswald Iten

The former dance ground under the fig tree in Fungor (see a photograph above) after the Nuba became Muslims, 2005. 

© Oswald Iten

The singer and drummer society of Nyaro performs for the visitor after muslim faith stopped the traditional Nyertun dance.

© Oswald Iten

The water supply remains as precarious as ever in Fungor (pictured), Kao and Nyaro, Southeastern Nuba Mountains,

Sudan, 2005. © Oswald Iten